Milwaukee Wisconsin

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about us



“A Way Forward Mke” is a community of artists, entrepreneurs & volunteer organizers in Mke, organizing events, community services & the “AWF Performing Arts Festival.” 



As a solution to social and economic challenges in Milwaukee, our mission is "focusing on and using the power of performance arts to increase creative expression in Milwaukee neighborhoods, while also fostering relationships in communities through issue based organizing and providing educational opportunities which could socially and economically secure our next generations.



Members include artists from disciplines such as theater, dance, &  literary art; genres such as R & B & Hip Hop; other arts such as Spoken Word, & Comedy. AWF MKE includes volunteer directors, administrators, entrepreneurs and community leaders; each member being devoted to community and using their resources to provide a way forward to Milwaukee.

A Closer Look at the Vision


initially we're organizing a variety of performance art events, creating a renaissance feel in Milwaukee, identifying community members whom appreciate the impact that arts can have on our community; and those whom also see the importance of organized communities, uniting and securing our selves socially, and economically as a power base that allows our children and our selves to achieve dreams of creative expression, careers, financial freedom and of having no limits, intellectually.


 Our flagship event is an annual performing arts festival capable of hosting 30,000 attendees; the  build up for the festival allows for organizing communities, which includes recruiting block captains whom organize fundraisers, workshops, community service, & issue based campaigns for their districts & wards, from political issues, social issues, & education issues to developing resources, financial services and more. 


Residents & Audiences will look to "A Way Forward Milwaukee," because they will know that these artists, entrepreneurs & volunteer organizers are dedicated professionals who intend to deliver the best possible empowerment & entertainment throughout the community and will go above and beyond to make sure that we each serve our communities with distinction.